“Sleep Apnea” book

TITLE. “SLEEP APNEA. A way back to life”
Darío Varela. Editorial Kódigos, 2011.


1. Introduction
2. Forms of Sleep Apnea
3. Non Obstructive Sleep Apnea (NOSA) causes
4. Sleep Apnea symptoms
5. Handling Sleep Apnea
6. Preventing Sleep Apnea
7. A public health issue
8. CPAP systems
9. Get rid of your CPAP
10. Salt handling
11. Breathing
12. Nasal airways
13. Bloating
14. Kidney Failure and Sleep Apnea
15. Sleep Apnea and sports
16. Medical Mistakes
17. Market discapacity
18. Sodium in blood and other markets
19. Sodium Potassium Pump
20. Class action

To buy the book at www.kodigos.com

If you are a Sleep Apnea patient tell me your story and I´ll send you back, for free, chapters 5 and 6, which will allow you to deal with Sleep Apnea crisis and to prevent them.


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